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Innovation Lab #2: Role Models and Partners showed the support network in NRW

That´s a wrap on our Innovation Lab #2, thanks to everyone for joining us!

We started the day with an informal talk of Sven Borchmann, who gave a very personal insight on his journey from his initial curiosity of helping patients more effectively until founding his own start-up Liqomics.

We had an outstanding discussion and so many great questions from our participants who were Master students, PhDs, PostDocs, and group leaders from life science, and medicine.

In the afternoon, we welcomed our partners, who gave a short pitch about how they can help academics who would like to bring their research into application.

The offers are ranging from personal consultations, idea or business competitions, to events helping to further expand the network outside academia. We also welcomed two role models, who are at different stages of their start-up journey and gave some sneakpeak on how to do the first steps.

We collected many valuable questions during the workshop to further tailor our offers to the specific needs of academics from the field of life science and medicine, who want to become sciencepreneurs.

Many thanks to all participants and a special thanks to all our partners, for joining us and showing the excellent support network that we have here in NRW.