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Photo: Fabian Stürtz

The habilitation serves to prove the special ability to independently represent one of the subjects of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in research and teaching (Venia Legendi). For the procedure you need a mentor from this subject who is a professorial member of our faculty.

Information on the documents to be submitted can be found here. Please refer to the Habilitation regulations for information on further requirements for applying for habilitation.

Habilitation dates (subject to change)
Presentation at the Institute and the Department after consultation with the management of the institute and the head of the department
Application deadline, submission of documents Thu, 05.10.2023 Thu, 11.01.2024 Thu, 11.01.2024
Application deadline for rehabilitation
Extra date: Latest submission of the habilitation thesis Tue, 02.04.2024
Notification of lecture topic (habilitations only) Thu, 11.01.2024 Thu, 25.04.2024 Thu, 20.06.2024
(Re)habilitation lecture Thu, 01.02.2024 Thu, 16.05.2024 Thu, 11.07.2024

Please note that the number of possible lectures per semester is limited. The Dean's Office can only make a commitment for a specific date once all documents have been submitted.

You can access the overview of habilitation lectures here.