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Funding Outgoings

Photo: B. Dauborn

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences supports Bachelor's and Master's students who are planning to study abroad for at least one month and a maximum of four months, are writing a thesis or complete an internship otside Germany, and do not receive any scholarships from other German funding sources (Erasmus, PROMOS).

Teacher training students must have completed their final thesis in one of the scientific subjects. In the context of an internship, the reference to the natural sciences must be certified.

The amount of the support will be 300 € for the first month and 100 € each for the months two to four (600 € max). The stay must be announced in writing before the start and availability of funds must be clarified. It is imperative that the settlement be made directly after the trip, at the latest four weeks after the return from abroad. Later refunds are not possible.

After your stay, please submit the application form together with the transcript or a certificate from the sending or receiving institution to

Dr. Christine Benn
Dean's Office
Albertus Magnus Platz
50923 Cologne, Germany

Tel.: 0221 470 4986 (only mornings)


A refund can only be made if the documents are complete.