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Education and Events

As transfer team at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, we understand the importance of technology transfer in bringing academic research to making a real-world impact.

We offer a range of education modules designed to provide academic labs with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully transfer their technology. 

Our education modules cover a range of topics, including design thinking, intellectual property and patenting, market assessment, business planning, licensing and commercialization, and entrepreneurship. These modules can be offered individually or as a series of courses, and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your lab. 

Our instructors have experience in technology transfer and can provide practical insights and guidance based on real-world examples. Our education modules are designed to aquire the basic skills and knowledge you need to take your technology from the lab to the marketplace, and make a real-world impact.

Whether you're a researcher, a lab manager, or a graduate student, our education modules can help you achieve your technology transfer goals. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our technology transfer education modules and how we can tailor them to to your specific research topic. 


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