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Financing of knowledge and technology transfer

Knowledge and technology transfer funding is also referred to as translational funding.  Any research activity supported by internal university funding, external public funding such as the various BMBF grants, or even private early-stage investment can be considered a transfer activity or project with the goal of commercializing the research.

The risk to potential commercial partners, including potential spin-offs, is reduced by translational funding, allowing scientists to work with relevant stakeholders to achieve a successful outcome. It can be very satisfying to watch innovation evolve from purely academic origins to previously unexplored applications.

If you are interested in applying for translational funding, please contact both the Transfer Scouts and Research Management (D7) at the University of Cologne. Often we need to provide information on the innovation potential, patent exploitation strategy and even commercial plans for the technology to be researched for each section. We can help you better if you notify us of your application in good time so that we have enough time to prepare adequately.

The Division 7 for Research Management of the University of Cologne publishes a monthly newsletter on new calls for proposals from national, European and international funding agencies and foundations.

Here you can find the latest edition of the newsletter as PDF for downloading.  All published editions are available in the archive: 

Key public funding programs at a glance

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