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Dean's office

Dean and Vice Deans

Office hours of the deans according to agreement

Dean's Office

Silke Strumpf

Nina Trommelschläger

Assistants to the Dean
Administration Lectureships, Habilitations,
Dean's Appointments

For official travel requests send a mail to mnf-dienstreiseantraege directly

Tel. +49 221-470 5643 (Strumpf)

Tel. +49 221-470 76956 (Trommelschläger)


Dr. Anke Lemaire

Managing Director, Dean's Office

Tel. +49 221-470 2964
A. Lemaire

Dr. Christine Benn

Deputy Managing Director Dean's Office

Office of the Dean of Studies, International Affairs, Gender Equality & Diversity

Tel. +49 221-470 4986
only in the morning
C. Benn

Anna Bode

Victoria Unruh

Rafaela Dürbaum (on parental leave)

Professorship Appointment Procedures, Committee Elections

Tel. +49 221-470 6742 (Bode)
except Fridays

Tel. +49 221-470 6700 (Unruh)


Dr. Babette Dauborn


Tel. +49 221-470 89656
B. Dauborn

Inga Biss

Markus Dietrich

 Controlling, HR (Depts Didactics; Mathematics/Data Sciences)

 Controlling, HR (Depts Biology; Chemistry; Geosciences; Physics)

Tel. +49 221-470 4046 (Biss)
I. Biss

Tel. +49 221-470 2031 (Dietrich)
M. Dietrich

Isabella Möllers

Eugenia Schick

Controlling, Finance

Tel. +49 221-470 2032 (Möllers)  
I. Möllers

Tel. +49 221-470 6927 (Schick)
E. Schick

Karin Gotzmann

Alexandra Grömling

 Doctoral Studies (Depts Chemistry; Didactics; Geosciences; Mathematics/Data Sciences; Physics)

 Doctoral Studies (Dept Biology)

Tel. +49 221-470 89658 (Gotzmann)

Tel. +49 221-470 89659 (Grömling)

Office Hours
Doctoral Studies

Dr. Ann-Christin Schmädicke

Quality Management


Tel. +49 221-470 89657
A.-C. Schmädicke

Dr. Britta Thewes

Dr. Andrea Miebach

Research Management, Tenure Track

Tel. + 49 221-470-76061
B. Thewes

Tel. + 49 221-470 4225 (Miebach)
except Wednesdays
A. Miebach