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1. An approved habilitation subject of the faculty

2. A completed course of study as well as a completed doctorate***.

4. Proof of further scientific activity after the doctorate

5. Proof of successful teaching activities (presentation in the department)

* or equivalent degrees

** in a mathematics and natural sciences subject, or subsequent satisfactory performance therein.

Documents to be submitted

After early, initial contact with the Dean's Office, with a binding appointment if necessary, the following documents must be submitted by the deadline:

1. In a single PDF, at best with bookmarks:

a) Written application for admission to (re)habilitation, for the granting or transfer of the authorization to teach, and declaration of previous or current habilitation procedures.

b) Personal sheet (habilitation or rehabilitation)

c) Current curriculum vitae with date and signature

d) List of published scientific works after completion of the doctorate

e) Proof of graduation

f) Doctoral degree certificate

g) Habilitation certificate (only in case of rehabilitation)

h) Proof of employment in public service or a current official certificate of good conduct

The dean's office will also request evidence of successful teaching activities and a confirmation of your presentation in the institute and department in your department.

Further to be submitted separately:

2. Copy of the dissertation (digital)

3. Copy of the habilitation thesis (digital and at least one copy in analog format)

Cumulative: Publications mainly from the last five years; Attachments of these publications (i.e., summary + publications = habilitation); for collaborative publications, the individual contribution must be presented separately.

Monograph: Digital submission of previously published works as evidence of further academic activity after the Ph.D.

As well as at a later date:

4. Proposed topics (template)