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Tasks of the mentorate

We are very pleased that you would like to support scientists on their way to habilitation. You will be responsible for the following tasks:

General support

Please provide the candidate with advice and support with regard to the habilitation thesis, topic formulation and presentation preparation. Please particularly examine the habilitation thesis for adherence to formal and academic requirements before submission (see also habilitation thesis).

Members of the habilitation committee

Three professors from the candidate's department and one professor from another department ("neighboring subject"). Please ask your colleagues in advance, the Dean's Office will clarify everything else.

Reviewer (habilitation only)

You propose two of the committee members for internal reviews. You propose three other professors outside the University of Cologne for external reviews and provide us with their names, e-mail and postal addresses (template). When making your suggestions, please observe the University of Cologne's principles on questions of bias. Please ask your colleagues in advance, the Dean's Office will clarify everything else.

Presentation at the faculty meeting

Once you and the candidate have received all the documents, you will present the procedure briefly (max. 5 minutes) in the first session of the faculty meeting. Please complete this presentation template (habilitation or re-habilitation) and send it to us in advance. The faculty decides by acclamation on the opening of the procedure. The quorum of your department must be met in order to open the procedure.

Meeting of the habilitation committee

The Dean's Office coordinates the meeting of the committee. The expert reports, habilitation thesis and proposed topics are discussed there. A recommendation to continue the procedure is made to the faculty meeting by secret ballot.