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Go-Bio Initial Funding - Next Stage


2 Scientists from Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Advance to Feasibility Phase of Go-Bio Initial Funding

We are happy to announce that two exceptional scientists from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences have been granted the opportunity to enter the feasibility phase of the Go-Bio Initial funding. This significant achievement represents an extraordinary milestone for the university of cologne, as it marks the very first time we have received this funding support.

Having diligently transformed their research concepts into business models during the exploratory phase, the two researchers confidently applied for the next crucial stage of the Go-Bio Initial program: the feasibility stage. This phase will fund the development of their work towards the proof-of-principle stage, bringing their innovative ideas one step closer to practical realization.

The selection process for the feasibility stage was highly competitive, with only a few exceptional projects earning the privilege to proceed. The University of Cologne is exceptionally proud to have not one, but two of its projects stand out among the top ten selected for the feasibility stage.