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Support in Case of Problems or Conflicts

Liaison Lecturers of the Faculty

Liaison lecturers may be contacted in the event of potential discrimination in all areas, such as discrimination on the basis of skin color, ethnic origin, religion, gender, age and sexual orientation. Dr. Silvia Sabatini (for students) (currently not available; please contact Dr. Flegel)
0221 470 2890
Dr. Udo Flegel (for students)
0221 470 4766
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Walch-Gassner
(PhD students, Postdocs; also in case of conflicts between doctoral candidates and supervisors)
0221 470 3497 Dr. Sigrun Korsching
(Professors, lecturers, scientific staff)
0221 470 4843

Martin Olschewski

(Technology and Administration)

+49 221 470-6018