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We are the central support point for all transfer activities at the faculty of mathematics and natural sciences. We support the academics and researchers  throughout the innovation journey to generate a greater research impact. Empowering a cross-disciplinary exchange  of ideas between science, industry and society, our team provides education, advice and support on valorization of research, collaboration with industry and venture creation.

As your sparring partner, we help identify, prioritize and select knowledge and technology transfer projects in all research fields actively pursued at the faculty.

Would you like to see your research enable creation of  social or commercial solutions ? Let´s discuss over a coffee how we can support you (Contact us)

Knowledge Transfer

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Dr. Dadhichi Paretkar 

Transferscout Material Sciences

Mail: d.paretkar@uni-koeln.de


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Dr. Isabelle Schiffer

Transferscout Life Sciences

Mail: i.schiffer@uni-koeln.de


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