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Many good ideas evolve during scientific research. But until an idea becomes a market-ready product, it usually takes a long and costly path.


Most programs to fund research and development require a great deal of preliminary work, which is typically not the case at the early stages of an innovation process. At the beginning, there is often only a general idea and some experimental validation.

The Go-Bio initial funding program therefore is a great opportunity for these projects at the "fuzzy front-end of science", to be advanced to a level where they become eligible for other more established funding programs.

The GO-Bio initial funding is provided in two stages.

The first stage is an initial conceptual period during which an idea for potential commercial exploitation and an implementing strategy are to be developed. This stage is focused mainly on non-experimental work. Funding of 100.000€ is provided to individual projects for up to 12 months . Deadline: 15.02.02024

This is followed by a feasibility stage during which the development work is taken to the proof-of-principle stage. Funding of up to 1. Mio € is provided to individual and collaborative projects for up to 24 months.

The application is a 5-page outline with a strong focus on the application potential of the innovation.

Based on our experience of the past two years, we created a "Go-Bio Initial support programme", which will cover info events, a guideline, short grant writing workshops, and invididual feedback sessions.

With this programme, we want to enable and support young researchers to successfully apply for Go-Bio Initial and receive their first independent funding to progress their fuzzy academic research ideas towards application and learn about R&D and business development.

The program will start in November and more details will be released soon! If you are interested, feel free to contact us!