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Excellence Initiative and Strategy at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

The Excellence Initiative of the Federal Government and the States is a nationwide programme launched by the DFG and the German Science Council to fund cutting-edge research at universities. It forms the basis of the Excellence Strategy announced in 2017/18, which combines the promotion of outstanding research with long-term strategic investments.


Key Profile Areas (KPAs)

In the framework of the Institutional Strategy, the University has defined Key Profile Areas (KPAs) that conduct internationally competitive research on highly topical scientific, technological, and social issues. These research areas profit from strong networks and close cooperation ties with numerous regional research institutes as well as partners from the private sector.

Competence Areas (CAs)

Each Key Profile Area is embedded into a thematically broader, interdisciplinary Competence Area (CA). These Competence Areas facilitate cross-Faculty research in selected areas and contribute to integrating the KPAs into the University as a whole.