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Professor Dr. Gregor Gassner, Mathematisches Institut (18.12.2015)

The numerical wind tunnel: Mathematics, Supercomputing and Fluid Mechanics

The exact prediction of flows is an important key technology in our modern times, which is an indispensable part of today's development processes in various applications, e.g. in automotive engineering or aerospace engineering. Many flows can be studied in practical experiments, often miniaturized. However, experiments are expensive, time-consuming and in many cases dangerous or even impossible. This is where numerical flow simulation comes in to help answer essential questions. Computational fluid dynamics is an active interdisciplinary science that combines mathematics, computer-aided algorithms on modern high-performance computers, and fluid mechanics. The scientific goal is to bring the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of the numerical wind tunnel to such an extent that practical experiments are not needed at all, or only in a few cases. The content of this lecture is a short outline of the history of numerical flow simulation, the scientific challenges in the simulation of flows as well as the latest developments and methods.