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Professor Dr. Andreas Büchter und Professor Dr. Michael Meyer; Seminar für Mathematik und ihre Didaktik (18.10.2013)

Jeder Jeck ist anders

Mathematical-didactic research and development: cooperative and cumulative

Research in school pedagogy and subject didactics has rediscovered the topics of "diversity" and "individualization" in the recent past. Many newer concepts for the development of schools and teaching emphasize the productive potential of the diversity of learners.

Looking at mathematical-didactic research and development itself, one finds different approaches and convictions when it comes to common goals (such as understanding and initiating mathematical teaching-learning processes). Although some discourses may give the impression that this can lead to opposition, the diversity can also offer productive potential. A necessary condition for the development of this potential is that the different approaches are mutually related and complement and deepen each other. In our joint presentation, the productive potential should become visible.

On the one hand, we will focus on research topics, for example processes of mathematical knowledge generation and assurance. On the other hand, we will illuminate the way in which these objects are looked at, the methodology.