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Professor Dr. Alexander Drewitz, Mathematisches Institut (28.10.2016)

A foray into the theory of probability - from the beginnings to random media

Compared to some other mathematical disciplines, probability theory is a rather young field: While, for example, the beginnings of geometry and number theory date back to the time before Christ, the first hour of birth of probability theory lies in the middle of the 17th century: In 1654, Pascal and de Fermat solved the division problem correctly for the first time. In these early days, probability theory was driven mainly by questions from applications, and it mostly used tools from other mathematical fields. In 1933, Kolmogorov finally gave an axiomatic explanation of probability theory, which is regarded as its second hour of birth. Probability theory continued to be closely linked with questions from other disciplines, and we will show how random media naturally emerge from this.

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